efficient and with finesse


For me, knowledge is the most precious resource that grows exponentially when it is shared. That's why my vision is to preserve (experiential) knowledge in a sustainable way.

But what does that actually mean? Quite simply, it's about identifying knowledge, documenting it in a sustainable way, making it accessible to everyone and actively sharing it. This process not only preserves knowledge, but also develops it further and keeps it alive.



My mission is to raise awareness of the importance of knowledge as a resource. I want to support the implementation of efficient processes. I am particularly keen to empower other people to follow this path with me. My goal is to empower them so that they are then able to continue on their own.

If you also believe that knowledge is the basis for progress and success, I invite you to share this vision with me. Together we can make a contribution to preserving and expanding knowledge and making it accessible for future generations.