About me

efficient and with finesse

How I came to knowledge transfer

In the search for a suitable topic for my master's thesis, I discover the fascinating field of knowledge transfer together with my supervisor – and it's love at first sight! The theory captivates me immediately, and like a diligent hummingbird, I delve into the subject.

Simultaneously, I am writing and working in a permanent position at a medium-sized cable assembly company on my thesis titled "Knowledge Sharing Among Sales Channel Collaborations."

The feeling of having found my professional calling leads me to change my employment and work as a trainer and consultant in the field of knowledge management and transfer. Here, I gain practical experience and deepen my theoretical knowledge with hands-on insights – laying the foundation for my entrepreneurship.


Work experience

  • Head of Knowledge Transfer
  • Trainer, Consultant Knowledge Management
  • Key Account Manager
  • Choirmaster


  • Knowledge Manager
  • MSc International Business Management
  • Industrial Clerk
  • BA American and French Studies

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