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Knowledge transfer as a key factor for sustainable success

The departure of employees, whether temporary or permanent, entails the risk of losing valuable (experience) knowledge - a challenge that I would like to tackle together with you with lightweight solutions.

Discover for yourself how I can support your company in retaining the valuable knowledge of your employees - because knowledge transfer during staff changes should not only be seen as a challenge, but also as an opportunity.

I can offer you the following solutions for getting started with knowledge transfer: 


I will give you a (first) insight into the topic of knowledge transfer.
Whether it's onboarding, offboarding or the constant flow of knowledge within the company, here you can find out what you need to know. 

Together with me, you can develop a deeper understanding of the topic of knowledge transfer.  
The focus here is on interaction between the participants and independent implementation in order to achieve sustainable learning results. 

I accompany the knowledge transfer process of departing employees by moderating their knowledge maps, planning the transfer and providing selective support during implementation.