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Expert Debriefing

If employees leave your company, now is the time to preserve valuable (experience) knowledge.
In the event of an unexpected departure, the knowledge transfer process should be initiated immediately after the announcement and discussed with all persons involved - i.e. the person leaving, the HR manager and the manager. In the case of a planned departure, such as retirement, it is advisable to initiate the transfer process around 18 months in advance.

I accompany the knowledge transfer process of departing employees by moderating their knowledge maps, planning the transfer and providing selective support during implementation.
The knowledge transfer case proceeds as follows:


By using a knowledgemap, (experience) knowledge of the leaving person is gathered.


In the knowledge map the knowledge aspects relevant to transfer are then identified.


The transfer-relevant aspects of knowledge are then transferred into a transfer plan and then provided with the appropriate transfer methods.


All transfer-relevant aspects of knwoeldge are sustainably documented using the appropriate transfer method.

To do this, we complete the following steps together:

Kick-off meeting: In this meeting, we define the specific procedure together with the manager, the person providing the knowledge and, if already present, the persons receiving the knowledge.

Creation of the knowledge map: The knowledge map of the person leaving the company is drawn up in two meetings. As part of this process, the knowledge aspects relevant to the transfer are also defined.

Approval of the transfer plan: Once the knowledge map has been recorded, I draw up the transfer plan consisting of the knowledge aspects relevant to the transfer. This is discussed and approved in a joint meeting with the manager and the person providing the knowledge.

Implementation of the transfer methods: In line with the transfer plan and the transfer-relevant knowledge aspects contained therein, I support the first steps in creating the knowledge documentation(s) in an appointment.

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Brief explanations

Knowledge map

The knowledge map is a pre-structured mind map that uses various knowledge categories to provide an overview of the knowledge of an individual person, a team or a department. 
Wichtig ist, dass in der Wissenslandkarte selbst keine Wissensdokumentation erfolgt. 

Transfer plan

The transfer plan is a document that structures the transfer of knowledge. It lists the aspects of knowledge relevant to transfer in order to determine who transfers what, when and how to whom. 

Transfer method

The transfer method defines how an aspect of knowledge is documented. 

Examples: Screencast, internal training, structured handover meeting, checklist etc.

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