Knowledge transfer in a flash

efficient and with finesse

Knowledge transfer

What it is and why I need it

Imagine your employees leaving the company. 
Imagine that not only their presence, but also their valuable (experiential) knowledge is lost with them. 

This is where knowledge transfer comes into play - it enables the sustainable preservation and transfer of knowledge within the company.

Targeted and structured knowledge transfer not only ensures continuity in processes, but also promotes innovation and improves the overall efficiency of the company. 


Did you already know?

Knowledge is the only resource that grows when it is shared.

This is precisely why it is my mission to preserve treasures of experience in the long term. Because every person carries unique knowledge that needs to be protected and promoted.

Why knowlibri?

Welcome to knowlibri – where knowledge transfer is as easy and efficient as the flight of a hummingbird!

knowlibri – "know“ as in knowledge and "libri“ as a connection to books, or the sources of knowledge in general. The hummingbird, whose German name (Kolibri) inspired this naming, symbolizes my vision of the feather-light and efficient knowledge transfer as a fascinating flying artist.

In the world of knowlibris knowledge and movement merge into a harmonious symbiosis: just as the hummingbird flies from flower to flower, your knowledge should also move effortlessly through the various levels and departments of your company.

Discover a world with knowlibri where knowledge transfer is not only effective, but also inspiring.

Why me?

My heart beats to the rhythm of knowledge transfer.

Whether it's through creative songs and memes that get people thinking, hosting inspiring events or actively participating in knowledge sharing events, knowledge transfer is my passion in action. My creative approach allows me to convey complex ideas in an entertaining way and create an inspiring atmosphere for knowledge sharing.

Passionately committed - together to success.

With an empathetic view of the needs of my counterparts and an encounter at eye level, I create an atmosphere in which we jointly preserve the valuable knowledge gained from experience. My empathic approach makes it possible to build a trusting connection and embark on a shared journey of knowledge in which each individual contribution is valued.

Knowledge as the key to innovation.

My expertise, deepened by my master's thesis and further training in knowledge management, forms the theoretical basis of my work. With several years of experience in lectures, training courses, workshops and the moderation of knowledge transfer cases, I contribute both theoretical and practical knowledge.

A clear view of entrepreneurial connections.

Thanks to my training as an industrial clerk and my experience in various departments of a medium-sized company, I have a practical understanding of operational processes. My Master's degree in International Business Management enables me to quickly grasp entrepreneurial and economic contexts.